Installing a New Above Ground Oil Tank

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When choosing an above ground oil tank, here is a list of "must have's".

  • Make Sure The Footing Is Secure
    We use a concrete or cement pad to place the tank on. If you don't, you will have corrosion
  • Galvanized Steel Outer Tank
    To prevent corrosion
  • High Density Polyethylene Inner Tank
    To prevent rust and give shock resistence
  • Make sure It's Legal
    obtain the required permits and arrange for inspection

Of course, you can save yourself the hassle and a pretty penny by just calling us and getting a Roth Tank, but I assume you knew that smiley


How long does an above ground tank last? If weather makes a difference, I'm in NJ.

Thanks for your question. It's really a hard question to answer. Each type comes with a standard warranty, but practically speaking there are so many variables. The quality of the tank, was the footing put up correctly? Were the winters very rough? The only thing I can answer is that they are better than any underground tank. with underground tanks, you have no easy way of knowing if there is leakage, and that is were the big liability is.

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